DevOps Services for Startups

For the last 10 years, DevOps has become one of the most popular approaches in the IT community. Why? Well, experts give many explanations to this term-abbreviation, however, you should know that DevOps is all about streamlining, automatization, and optimization of the software development process. The result of this process should lie in high-quality and customer-oriented products delivering as often as possible. Why DevOps is necessary for startups and what DevOps services are suitable for startups will be discussed here.

Why startups need DevOps

Initially, when the ‘DevOps’ term was coined in 2009, the idea was to unite two key terms of SDLC (software development life cycle): developers and IT operation specialists. Although some professionals have taken this approach quite literally and did mixed teams, DevOps is not about physical merging, but more about close collaboration. DevOps helps to set up, optimize, and automates the workflow at most, for the teams to have more time on their hands to focus on more creative tasks like building new features or supporting the reliability of servers. With that, many companies of all sizes try to implement DevOps practices in their processes. Deciding on implementing DevOps, they have two options: either grow an in-house DevOps team or turn to mature DevOps outsourcing companies that provide DevOps services. The first option may not be suitable for small businesses and startups. They simply lack professionals skilled enough to deal with challenging DevOps tasks. That is why most SMBs and startups address their DevOps-related issues from app deploying to designing and implementation of cost-effective infrastructure on the cloud and many other tasks to DevOps outsourcing teams. 

What DevOps services are good for startups? 

  1. All possible IT services. DevOps outsourcing teams have experience with all stages of the startup lifecycle and deliver consulting services not only to startups but also to small businesses and global enterprises alike.
  2. Existing infrastructure improvement. If your ongoing infrastructure has serious drawbacks, overgrown its time, or has to be moved to the clouds, you can address these challenges to professional DevOps teams. Infrastructure optimization is needed to ensure top-notch efficiency of operations and ongoing startup software development. DevOps service providers will design and implement cloud infrastructure at any scale, supporting products and workflows from various industries.
  3. IT-outstaffing. As the product grows and new features have to be added, many startups find they require access to talents they cannot easily obtain. IT-outstaffing helps sort this out. 
  4. Consulting. First of all, you can approach mature DevOps outsourcing companies to get consulting services. Service providers will help you refine the idea of your product. Their technology consulting also will help you prove to your investors you have a solid tech background.  

Final thoughts 

A startup begins with an idea, and then it should be implemented. Great, successful businesses do not just happen, all steps should be carefully thought through. If you want your startup to turn into a reliable and stable business you better approach mature professionals for them to provide startups services we listed above and help you achieve your goal. 

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