How to increase potency and stamina

Sex is an integral part in a man and woman’s loving relationship. Passion, tenderness and affection can all be conveyed when you and your partner are alone. But what if a man has problems with his sexual functions and privacy does not bring pleasure as before? What if a woman needs more time for pleasure and you lack stamina? How to improve potency and increase stamina? Store will try to answer these questions and reveal them in more detail in this article.

How to Improve Sexual Functions

If you have temporary problems with sexual functions, you should pay attention to your diet, because eating food rich in the right substances can have a positive effect on male power. To increase your potency naturally, you should include honey and nuts in your diet. These foods contain the right vitamins, as well as arginine, amino acids, and unsaturated fats.

Green tea has a good effect on male potency, so you should drink it as often as possible. This product not only improves sexual function, but also increases stamina. Also, on the sexual functions of the man positively affect such products as:

  • cranberries;
  • garlic;
  • onions;
  • seafood.

It is necessary to pay attention to the fact that sometimes the causes of reduced potency are lack of sleep, stress, psychological or physical fatigue, depression. Therefore, first of all, it is worth to deal with the above causes of the violation. But what to do if none of the above methods helps? Then you can use the products at

The effect of each type of tea on “manhood”

  • Mate tea is very popular among members of the strong sex who want to regain an erection. This drink has beneficial properties, but there is no caffeine in its composition. It is an invigorating drink due to the presence of mateine, a component that has the same properties as caffeine. After taking the tea, one can feel relaxed. If you drink the drink regularly, you will notice a significant improvement in potency. An erection that occurs during intimacy will be longer and more lasting.
  • How does herbal tea affect potency? Competently selected herbal collection, which is collected taking into account the individual characteristics of your body, will have an excellent effect on potency and the overall condition of the body. 
  • Fruit tea can include green or black tea as a base, and additionally in it are added small pieces of dried berries and fruits. This results in dual potency benefits. In addition to the positive aspects of the effects of green tea, your body will get an extra dose of vitamins from the fruit. You can choose a tea in which berries have an effect on the erection – for example, you can brew a strawberry drink. 
  • Many men prefer Mint tea instead of the classic green tea. If there are no health problems, this drink will be perfect for improving your mood and fighting insomnia. Peppermint tea is suitable for the treatment of potency in the case if it is caused by psychological factors. Peppermint will remove excessive emotional tension and lead to visible relaxation. In other cases, however, it can have a negative effect, because it promotes a decrease in the production of testosterone.

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