How to take steroids for a newbie

Beginner athletes often take up sports training with great enthusiasm and ensure proper nutrition. Of course, at first this gives excellent results, but after a certain time there comes a period when exhausting exercise in the gym becomes ineffective. This period is called the “plateau”. To overcome it, many people start using sports pharmacology. At this stage the question arises: how to take steroids for a beginner? In principle, the rules of taking drugs for beginners bodybuilders and experienced athletes are no different. The only differences are in the choice of drugs and the size of the dosage.

Where do I start?

Before choosing a drug, it is best to undergo a medical examination. It is also a good idea to consult with a trainer or more experienced bodybuilders. You can consult on the shop’s website

Before starting to take the medicine, consider the following recommendations:

  • taking anabolics is strictly not recommended for people under 21 – this is due to the fact that the endocrine system is still forming, and the intake of hormones from outside may disrupt its work;
  • the duration of the course should not exceed 6 weeks – after that the body begins to produce immunity to a particular substance, steroid becomes ineffective and even dangerous;
  • during the course it is necessary to eat and consume calorie dishes in a balanced way – the body will need building material for protein synthesis and muscle growth;
  • regular exercise – the effect of steroids without regular exercise will be minimal;
  • you cannot start the course after a strength training – your body does not have enough strength for the course.

For the first course of steroids athletes usually choose oral medications. This is explained by the fact that most of them are morally unprepared to administer drugs by injection. In addition, the pills are easy to take at any time and easy to carry.

Oral steroids for beginners

Now let’s figure out how to take steroids for a newbie and which oral medications to choose. The main rule is to keep the dosage and the schedule clear. Do not deviate from them, even if you think that the drug is ineffective. Start taking slowly with minimal doses and get off the course you need to do the same.

Steroids for strength and stamina

Today, the world market of sports pharmacology has a huge selection of anabolic steroids, but the action of most of them is aimed at activating the synthesis of protein for muscle tissue growth. Such preparations are relevant for bodybuilders, but only if their purpose is to quickly pump up muscle. More information here

Some athletes, for example, triathletes, need to improve their strength performance while remaining in the same weight class. To do this, you need to use steroids for strength and endurance. Any of these drugs will still lead to weight gain, but if you choose anabolic correctly, the gain will be insignificant.

Strength development on the AAS course

Almost all anabolics to some extent lead to the development of strength and endurance of the athlete. But when it comes to preparing for competitions and the need to keep weight virtually unchanged, you need to approach the choice of steroids with maximum responsibility. If your goal is to improve your strength characteristics, you should give preference to drugs that have the following actions:

  • a significant surge of strength and energy;
  • a tangible increase in endurance;
  • speeds up recovery from workouts;
  • increasing the density of muscular tissue;
  • slight increase in quality muscles.

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