Information about Mibolerone, the powerful anabolic steroid


Check-drops is a drug that is intended for stopping estrus in dogs, but “unnatural pitching” thought of using it as doping. According to the “Russian nightmare” Nikolai Yasinovsky, check-drops is the most effective steroid of all times and peoples, but we, nevertheless, do not recommend that you use this drug in this capacity.

In general, the topic of using mibolerone has not been studied very much, therefore there is simply no reliable information based on a large social sample. That is why it is difficult to give specific recommendations in figures for the use of the drug, but only one thing can be said for sure: it is necessary to include mibolerone in the cycle very carefully, rarely and only to experienced athletes who want to set some records. Also keep in mind that steroids have side effects, so you should not use them without a doctor’s recommendation!

Check drops are sometimes used as a pre-workout because their main purpose is to increase aggression. As a steroid, the drug is not used, and if it is used, then only the pros. But it is unwise to use mibolerone even as a pre-training agent, since the risks are too great, and in this capacity it can be replaced with other drugs.

To summarize, it is not recommended to use check-drops! If you are a crazy bodybuilder or powerlifter, you don’t care about the consequences, you want to become a champion, then the only reasonable time for you to take this drug is the preparation cycle for the championship. The fact is that the aggression and motivation that the drug creates is something that is often lacking on low-carb or peak strength.

Check drops: characteristic

Mibolerone is an ultra-short ether with progestogenic activity, the half-life of which is 2-4 hours, so the likelihood of getting caught on doping control is very small. Its anabolic index is 590% of testosterone, androgenic – 250%, and the drug is also an antiestrogen. You can buy Miboleron (Cheque Drops) by following the link

From these characteristics, it is not difficult to conclude that it should be taken with testosterones, since it is a pronounced androgen, while progestogenic activity does not allow combining its intake with nandrolones. Effective dosages of the drug, if we talk specifically about the “course”, start from 5 mg per day, but either you know what you are doing and for what, or you should not do this, since the liver can be thrown away for a long time.

Taking of Cheque Drops

The best way to take check drops is to prepare for important starts, when the athlete plans to perform and begin long-term post-cycle therapy. The dosage of the drug is 2.5-5 mg 40-60 minutes before training, which, of course, can be adjusted for yourself, since the drug can start working on one athlete in 20 minutes, and on another after 2 hours.

If you are confident in the preparation, then it should also be put before the performance, which will provide an increase, both in strength and help to improve the quality of posing. If you plan to take the drug before the performance, then during preparation it is necessary to identify the detection time by yourself taking a doping test after taking the steroid. The bottom line is that the detection time for mibolerone is very short, but it is not known what else is in a particular drug, so it is advisable to play it safe.

For women, of course, this drug is generally not suitable, since there will be too many side effects and they will be too pronounced. Men, if they really take check-drops, must also be charged with a full minced meat of other tasty things, since unnecessary aggression, without the possibility of realizing it properly, will only lead to injuries.

In any case, the duration of the course should not exceed 2 weeks, that is, the drug is connected literally before the start. 

At the end

It is also worth noting that while taking check-drops, you need to train in the morning, because if you throw the drug in the evening, you simply will not fall asleep. By the way, insomnia is a sure sign of overdoses. To prevent the development of gynecomastia, it is recommended to take Dostinex.

Considering this and all of the above, it can be argued that Mibolerone is a drug exclusively for professionals!

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