Tips for football players

A lot of both simple young men and already experienced athletes dream to become professional footballers. So where do you start to achieve this goal? First, you need to become just a good footballer. Play in small matches – school, district, city. After that, you can use the service to find a football club for further play and professional growth.

How to become a professional football player

Some tips from famous athletes for beginners:

  • You should not be afraid to play – feel confident on the field and do not worry about possible mistakes, because they learn from mistakes.
  • To hit a penalty is an important skill for a player. Learn to score – this player is useful for the team.
  • Learn not to look under your feet – to lead the ball and see what happens on the field.
  • Do not forget that football is a team game. Learn to feel the game and partners, play on them and then they will play on you.

But for professional sport it is very important to play football from childhood – the probability of playing in famous clubs increases many times. Therefore, if your child is very fond of playing football, it is possible that in the future he or she will be able to combine a hobby with a job that will bring a good income.

What do you need to have in order to become a football player

  • Health. Health comes first, because if a child is weak in childhood and often ill it affects the quality of play and endurance during training. For big sports, you need to be healthy and strong. Before giving a child to the football section, you need to undergo a medical examination and further regular visits to doctors, check and maintain the body in tone.
  • The order of the day. It is very important to plan your time so that you can have enough for training and a good night’s sleep.  It is also important not to forget about proper nutrition for athletes, which will help to stay healthy and be the foundation for muscle growth.
  • Training. You need to train hard and hard and remember that each workout is another step to the climb to the top. For them to be effective, you need an experienced, specially trained trainer who will help you determine which skills are more developed – speed, reaction or a strong blow and will tell you who to be on the field.

In football, there are such positions:

  1. Goalkeeper – you need to be tall, have strong legs for immediate reaction and jumping, have a strong nervous system – be calm and confident.
  2. Side defender – you must have good speed and sharpness, physical strength and head skills.
  3. Central defender – one of the main requirements in professional football for a defender – high growth and head play. Momentary speed and good tactics.
  4. Side midfielder – good ball transfer, speed and dribbling technique. It is important to be enduring and play with the same two legs.
  5. Supporting midfielder – stubbornness, tenacity, sharpness, head play – the main parameters of the position.
  6. Attacking midfielder – you need sharpness, good shot, upper and lower pass. Game tactics, understanding and high technique are required.
  7. Forward – you need initiative, courage, it is important to be able to take over the game. It is necessary to have a strong kick, high speed, scoring sense.

How to become a good footballer

  • It takes motivation and self-development. The way to the top of sports takes more than one year, so you need to stock up on a huge aging and always remember where you’re going, do not stop on the way to achieve your goal.
  • Remember – missed training – a step back. Big sport does not accept the weak.
  • You need to love football, go to the games of other teams, watch the game of professional footballers, find your idol that will inspire you before every training.

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