Treatment methods for erectile dysfunction

Modern knowledge in the field of urology andrology and sexology, as well as the ability to individually select a combination of pharmacological agents, therapeutic and surgical techniques can solve many problems associated with erectile dysfunction (impotence). When choosing an effective treatment strategy, much depends on the causes and degree of manifestation of the violation, on the age and concomitant diseases.

Treatment of erectile dysfunction

In the arsenal of urologists certified modern drugs that help stimulate the recovery of erectile function or even fully pharmacologically replace the lifelong lost links in the mechanism of occurrence of an adequate erection. Thanks to active advertising today, everyone knows the names of the most famous drugs for the restoration of potency. But doctors are urged to refrain from self-medication, which can lead to negative side effects. Only professional consultation and optimal diagnosis will guarantee that the prescribed drugs will be effective and will not cause harm to health.

Widely used in medical practice methods of physiotherapy, which improve blood flow and erection quality, such as negative pressure treatment, shockwave therapy. Clinics offer the opportunity to conduct a comprehensive treatment using therapy supplemented by laser and LED irradiation. Procedures are performed on modern equipment and demonstrate high efficiency in the treatment of erectile dysfunction, especially if vascular pathology is detected at early stages.

There are also technologies of prosthesis of erectile function – surgical interventions with the installation of prostheses of various modifications. This is a radical method of overcoming the true, organic causes of erectile dysfunction, which doctors use only after a thorough, comprehensive examination of the patient. The decision to prosthetics must be made with all the diagnostic information and with full awareness of the responsibility of the choice made. Because no matter how reliable, multi-component and modern the prosthesis may be, it will be impossible to restore the natural erection mechanism after the operation.

If the problem is not of such a serious nature, doctors may prescribe you the use of specialized medications to temporarily solve the problem.  You can buy medication at There are several medications that can be effective in eliminating erectile dysfunction.

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