What is Minecraft?

Nowadays, perhaps, it is difficult to find a person who, at least once in his life, has not heard the name of the game. Minecraft is no longer just a game, it’s a whole world that has taken its place in people’s minds and has long gone beyond the computer world. Today you can find the name almost everywhere. But few people realize that the story of Minecraft, this is a story about how one person can create a whole universe alone and achieve through his work the impossible.

What is Minecraft? 

Minecraft is a sandbox constructor created by Markus Persson, the founder of Mojang AB. His inspiration for creating Minecraft he drew as in his former projects, not particularly well known to the general public, and in popular games like Dungeon Keeper. The description of the gameplay of Minecraft can be formulated in one sentence: the player travels through a virtually limitless 3D-world consisting of different blocks, which he can destroy and create. 

The game is also distinguished by its unique “pixel” graphic style, which is instantly memorable, although many people find it unattractive at first. Minecraft is a project not about graphics, but about creativity, imagination and creation, and it is a case when it is very easy to get acquainted with a game, but it takes hundreds of hours to comprehend all its depth. Now there are thousands of guides on how to make paper in minecraft and others. So we can talk about the very high popularity of the game, which finds more fans each day.

How to buy a game? 

You can buy Minecraft for PC and MAC directly from the developers’ website, immediately getting access to all the available content. There is also an official free demo version, in which the number of hours spent in the game is limited. 

History of the game 

The development of Minecraft started on May 10, 2009 and pre-orders were accepted on June 13, 2009. The official release date is November 18, 2011, and after less than three years, Minecraft became the best-selling PC-game of all time. As of October 15, 2017, there were more than 27 million copies sold, and that number continues to grow. 

One of the keys to this staggering success is the game’s multiplatform nature. And in this case, “multiplatform” really means many platforms! Having settled on the PC, since 2011 Mainecraft began a massive offensive on mobile devices. The first owners of smartphones from Sony were able to touch the mobile version of the game, and on August 16, 2011 they got Minecraft: Pocket Edition. And by the end of 2011 the game reached AppStore and Google Play. The developers have not forgotten about the owners of devices based on Fire OS and Windows Phone, although for them Minecraft appeared much later.

If you want to find the minecraft portal, you should use specialized sites with guides. This way you can get a lot of gaming benefits, so it makes sense to pay attention to the game and learn how to look for more information. This will help you develop your own gaming skills and reach a new level of understanding of the game.

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