What Is The Sleeping Beauty Diet

The Sleeping Beauty Diet – this is the unusual and intriguing name given to the method of weight loss, based on an absolutely, at first glance, correct and logical premise. When we sleep, we do not eat, and the calories, though a little, but consumed. So, we lose weight in our sleep without much effort or difficulty. Consequently, to lose weight, it is necessary to sleep as much as possible. It would seem that everything makes sense. After all, even all of the authoritative dietitians, without exception, with one voice, say: to lose weight, it is necessary to sleep well. Lack of sleep, especially chronic, very strongly hinders weight loss, provokes a set of excess weight.

What is the sleeping beauty diet

But the developers of the Sleeping Beauty diet went a lot further. They call not only to get enough sleep, but to sleep for several days in a row. And to achieve this goal to not disdain any means, up to regular use of potent sleeping pills and even psychotropic drugs, which can be used to put people in a state similar to sleep for a few days.

There is not much point in commenting on this method of losing weight. Its absurdity is obvious to anyone who has at least a modicum of common sense. Of course, you can get rid of a few pounds that way, but the harm that you do to your body by taking potent drugs is simply incomparable to the pounds you lose. Which, in addition, after such a “diet” will not slow down to come back.

There is, however, another, more acceptable way to lose weight in your sleep. It is based on psychological techniques – auto-training, self-humiliation with some elements of parapsychology. You can try a similar method if you know the techniques of auto-training, or under the guidance of an experienced psychologist.

How does the sleeping beauty diet work

How many hours do you have to sleep on the sleeping beauty diet? Sleeping for several days in a row is not required. Live your normal life, sleep as much as you need (lack of sleep here too will play a very unfavorable role), but do not strive to lie in bed as long as possible. Of course, it will not be superfluous to normalize your diet, putting it on the right, healthy rails. Physical activity, massage, water procedures, walks in the fresh air, and the application of other rules of a healthy lifestyle will also not hurt. And apply some psychological techniques before and after bedtime, about which below.

First, you need to prepare for sleep. Create a pleasant atmosphere in your bedroom, ventilate the room, and bed a fresh bedclothes. In no case do not watch horror movies, TV news or crime stories before going to bed. And do not eat too much before going to bed: Your dinner should be light and about 3 hours before going to bed.

Make yourself a notebook, on the first page of which write down your current weight and your goal. And before going to bed, open a blank sheet and write down on it the figure, 1 pound less than the starting weight. And every following evening, write down on a blank sheet of paper the figure of 1 less than the day before, regardless of whether or not that pound was lost during the previous day.

Now the most important thing. When you fall asleep, catch the moment when you are in a pleasant state between sleep and wakefulness. In this moment, let a sheet with the last digit written on it pop up in front of your eyes. And immediately mentally say to yourself, “Let that pound go in your sleep! Let tonight I will reach this weight! And if that fails, then let my dream tell me what and how I need to do to lose the weight to the desired figure!”

And in the morning, without getting out of bed, write down in a notebook everything that you dreamed. And try to figure out if there were any clues in the dream. It can be explicit, and then you’ll immediately understand what you need to do, or can be very veiled, and then you should try during the day to figure it out. Do not worry, if the hint will not come in the first or second, or even on the fifth or tenth night. If you do everything right, sooner or later you will get it for sure.

Many people who have tried this method tell us that some time after starting it, the weight suddenly began to fall off rapidly for no apparent reason. Moreover, losing weight at the right pace (someone lost 10 pounds in 3 months, someone – 17 in six months), and after a certain threshold stopped. And the weight and volume faltered just at the most optimal point, when the person looked just fine, without a pound of extra fat, but also without painful thinness, and felt great.

Obviously, these people managed to run in their body a certain mechanism of self-regulation of weight, which led to such wonderful results. Try losing weight in your sleep, maybe it will work! But first master at least the basics of auto-training, or consult a competent psychologist about it. You can find a lot of additional useful information at this website.

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